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How to Become a Realtor in NYC

People usually use the terms Realtor and real estate agent interchangeably; however, these two things are completely different. Sure there are some similarities, for instance, they are both licensed to sell real estate, but a realtor does more than sell real estate and has more qualifications. A realtor must be a member of National Association of Realtors, which typically means that there are standards he or she must uphold at all times.

So, how do you become a Realtor?

Education requirements

Real estate regulators usually establish educational and licensing requirements to be a realtor that is generally determined by your state. Generally, you need to take a course that introduces all the aspects of how the real estate professional usually works regardless of whether you want to specialize in a residential or commercial realtor. You may have to undergo a supervised practical training, even long before you become a real estate agent. Continued education is a requirement to becoming a realtor, so be sure to check on the university and colleges and get to know the current developments in the industry before you take any course.


You need to select a brokerage firm that should be a member of a real estate board in your area. A good brokerage should help you with the licensing process. The application must be submitted through your broker to the body that governs the real estate in your area. Although licensing in different territories is different, partnering with a brokerage will help you get a provincial licensing quickly.

Joining a real estate board

Once you are licensed, you need to join real estate board in your area. Once your application at a real estate board or association is accepted and you officially become their member, you are entitled to call yourself a Realtor. Membership in your local board extends your membership to your respective association of realtors as well as the National Association of Realtors.

Once you have completed the required education and licensing requirements, you have picked a brokerage to help you get a license, join a local real estate board or association, you will get a comprehensive orientation that allows you to take advantages of the benefits of being a realtor. You will have access to valuable services and important tools provided by your real estate board.

As a Manhattan, Brooklyn, or NYC realtor, you will have a huge advantage in the marketplace. But as you start working as a realtor; be sure to ask for a clear explanation of your current state regulation for you to know where you stand.

The Importance of Insurance for Young Rural Professionals

Just like home owners and car owners, rural professionals such as farmers should insure their farms and all property contained therein. Having an insurance cover for your farm ensures that you do not lose crops, livestock and other farm properties in case of accidents. There are various kinds of farm insurance covers available in the market and it depends with what you want covered. Apart from damage to your crops or accidents to livestock, farm insurance can also cover up against theft. It cautions against risks that are beyond your control and which can result in massive losses. It is common to hear of livestock having drowned or electrocuted. The insurance company covers against all these losses if you have subscribed for such services.

Farm equipment and machinery are also covered by farm insurance. When you buy the insurance, you should expect coverage of everything that runs your farm. If your machinery gets damaged, it should pay for the repairs. On the other hand, crop insurance for your farm is meant to protect against crop failure. You can also opt to have the insurance cover against poor harvest arising from poor weather conditions. Weather is unpredictable, but you can take care of what you invest by paying for the crop insurance. Typically the insurance company such as Boone IOWA worker’s comp insurances will cover this sort of thing and charge based on the returns you expect to get from the harvest.

The insurance can also provide cover against legal liability for diseases or injuries inflicted to employees while carrying out their farming duties. The insurance not only covers employees, but also for the employer against accidents that occur within the farm. Consumers who use products from your farm can also become sick. The insurance pays for the damages and you will never have to pay their medication bills. The cost of farm insurances vary depending on what they cover and it is up to the farmer to determine what he or she wants covered. In addition, the insurance company determines your compensation based on your payments, income, and past events coverage. The insurance is a great investment for cautioning against unforeseen losses.

Factoring: A Viable Business Financial Tool

Factoring can be seen as a method used by some companies to obtain cash flows when they feel that their current cash reserves are insufficient to meet current requirements. Basically factoring works in the following way:

1. Once the company performs a service for a customer it sends its invoice to a factoring company.

2. After that, the factoring company provides a cash advance on the invoice you provided.

3. The factoring company then goes on to collect the payment when it is due from the customer.

4. Then the factoring company pays back you the rest of the sum, after deducting their fee from the final amount.

Factoring is a viable financial tool which helps provide an immediate boost to your cash flow. In most cases a factoring company will process your payment within 24 hours. This is an excellent option if the one can’t afford to wait till the day the payment is due such as with a small trucking business where a freight factor service can literally save you from going under. A factoring company also provides the added service of offering to evaluate your customer’s payment and credit histories.

Factoring can be seen across all industries such as textiles, manufacturing, oil and gas, trucking etc… Factoring can managed and customized in such a manner that you receive required capital from your associated factoring company when it is necessary. Factoring has the added advantage that the amount provided is not shown as debt on your balance sheet. Also, factoring has no limits attached with respect to amount of financing.

Factoring companies can follow non-recourse factoring where they undertake full responsibility for the collection of payment from the customer once it receives the invoice. In recourse factoring the client is responsible for ensuring that the payment of the invoice is made on time. Factoring companies have a carefully structured fee structure and it is best to ensure that the company is upfront with you regarding these charges.

Common Entrepreneurship Mistakes

Deciding to launch a company has been a “lightbulb” moment for many entrepreneurs when the idea of launching a new product or service strikes them. Most entrepreneurs are so delighted by the idea that they become over confident about it thinking that its merits will be self evident to the potential customers and that the innovation is so superior that it will make sales itself. This is a huge mistake which proves damaging for their ventures.

Here are some common entrepreneurial mistakes identified by veteran entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields:

1. Starting very early

Most entrepreneurs fully develop their products before getting a knack of the customers’ inclination towards them. It is recommended that entrepreneurs get in front of their prospects right from day one. A five minutes chat with a customer will reveal more about the product than hours of market research. It is important that you do not build anything before you sell it. People must be really interested in your idea before you start investing too much energy on it.

2. Failing to listen

A lot of entrepreneurs get engaged in selling the idea by convincing the prospects about it and do not remain concerned about finding what prospects think about the idea. Some respond negatively to criticism due to a bloated ego and passion. It is always wise to listen to feedback from customers and reshape your idea to custom fit their needs. As all the Des Moines digital marketing firms will tell you, good entrepreneurship demands validating your idea again and again by listening to the customers.

3. Offering discounts

When inexperienced entrepreneurs come under pressure to make sales, a number of them offer price discounts to be able to close initial deals. This often results in establishing unstable price precedents with the customers. The worst part is that when the news of discount spreads among the customers, the company loses its long term pricing power. It is recommended that you go for alternative sweeteners to strike deals for example free shipping or discount on purchases before a certain date.

4. Selling to family and friends

It has been usually seen that startups make early sales to family and friends. It is more so with businesses such as clothing, restaurant and wealth management. This translates into your inability to know more about your products or service. Many relatives and friends may be buying from you out of love, obligation or a sense of pity instead of product quality and their feedback and suggestions may not be honest. Such sales create a false sense of validation resulting in ignorance about the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

There are no two ways about the fact that salesmanship is the central attribute to good entrepreneurship which many entrepreneurs fail to recognize at their own peril. The kind of objections from prospects that an established company gets are very different from the ones that a startup gets. When amateur entrepreneurs get around making their initial sales, they often make the above mentioned mistakes resulting in most ventures not seeing the light of the day.

Why Green is in for Businesses in the Janitorial Services Industry

With the amount of threat the environment is suffering today, people have become conscious with every material that they utilize and dispose; making sure that it will not aggravate the condition which mother nature has now. Due to the rapid onset of environmental concern, even commercial business has joined the bandwagon in the most possible means that they can; commercial cleaning and janitorial services companies are not an exception to this.

Doing away from conventional cleaning chemical agent

Among the most commonly used chemical when it comes to cleaning is the Formaldehyde. This greatly exposes an individual to respiratory problems, allergens and most of all cancer. Another cleaning agent which is toxic is the chlorine. It has been widely used in cleaning all these years; it is somewhat corrosive and can cause certain skin problems. The last one in the list would be Ammonia; this cleaning agent has been around for centuries and has been the main culprit of different respiratory diseases and can severely damage the skin integrity.

What’s harmful to your body can be harmful to the environment too

Substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine are among the health hazardous substances that are widely used by commercial office cleaning services. Aside from its effect to the human body; once its poured down the drain and into the sewers, the toxins from those products will contaminate the water and penetrate the soils. This will creep into the environment and further expose more people and the open environment to these harmful chemicals.

Several cleaning companies today associate themselves with being “green”. Cleaning companies who have gone green making use of products which are non-toxic, saving not just you but also the environment. When you hire ankeny ia janitorial services of QualityOne, you are getting a this quality of safe cleaning!

Non pollutant and allergenic cleaning products

Green commercial cleaning services companies utilize safe and toxin free products in maintaining cleanliness in your office building. This is done by using biodegradable and natural cleaning products. With the utilization of these health friendly products, there will be a lesser incidence of employees getting sick commonly due to respiratory illnesses. The healthier the employees are, the lesser is the rate of absence; increasing productivity the office.

Commonly used eco-friendly equipment are the following:

1) auto-scrubber

There is now a variety of auto scrubber that is being used by green commercial cleaning companies. What is highly used now is the type that does not use much chemical and consumes less water. Aside from that, there are some models that are equipped with monitors; regulating accurately the amount of chemical and water being used when cleaning.

2) ATP tester

This can measure the presence of bacteria by means of determining the adenotriphosphate level of a certain object. This will ensure the there is not a speck of disease causing bacteria present in your workplace.

3) Microfiber cloth

A cleaning cloth made of recycled material which is non-toxic and reusable.

The Gist of Hiring A Green Cleaning Company

Green commercial cleaning companies can contribute greatly to a companies efficiency. Having a clean workplace will make it energy efficient; with this, there will be a significant decline of heating and energy bills, saving the company a handful of money. Aside from that, it will not only maintain an environmental clean and safe environment, but will also contribute wellness to the people in your workplace.

Outsourcing to a Recruitment Agency

Hiring is one of the most crucial steps in any business. You want to make sure you get it right. The success of your business greatly depends on it. No matter how good your products are or how special your services are, more than 70% of the success rate depends on the employees. A product won’t sell itself and it is the people behind that product that commandeer how it performs in the market, how the business’ image is represented, and how successful each project is accomplished.

The Role of an RPO Agency

That is where a recruitment agency comes in. Formally known as an RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing these are agencies that will handle the task of hiring new employees for you. They will be the ones representing your company and will be held responsible for advertising new positions and the bonuses of working for your business. They will be the ones responsible for screening applicants, interviewing applicants, and testing applicants. It will be their final word that determines who gets hired and who doesn’t.

Benefits of Utilizing RPO Agencies

So why rely on an RPO agency in the first place? Many companies do just fine with their own recruitment department (falling under the HR department) so why change things up? Truth be told, there are a lot of benefits your business can reap when it relies on top of the line RPO agencies to handle the responsibility of employee hiring. For example, they could help you find the best seo companies to help build your business on the internet. Consider some others below:

Benefit #1 – Faster Hiring

An RPO agency focuses entirely on the hiring process. They don’t have to worry about production or managing the company’s line of services. They don’t have to focus on the other relations that your business might have to deal with. All they have to be concerned about is hiring new employees and this means every member of the agency’s staff are trained for this one single responsibility. With that in mind they can focus all their efforts on the task and this ensures quicker hiring procedures.

Benefit #2 – Cost Benefits

Expenses for running your own recruiting office are generally the same for any other department in your business. This means you need to cover the salaries and benefits of your employees, have a solid management, uphold different regulations, and ensure that everyone in the recruiting office has the right skill set and training. Lacking in any of those could cripple the efficiency of your efforts. An RPO agency makes things a lot simpler and a lot more affordable – usually you just have to pay the outsourcing fee (this covers their expenses and salaries) and they will handle the rest. They will cover the costs for marketing and advertising and the internal expenses for their own employees.

Benefit #3 – Capitalize on Your Resources

When you rely on a recruiting agency it frees up a lot of your resources so you can use them on what truly counts – production. You do not want to waste a single second, a single penny, or a single drop of sweat on something that is not related to your products or services since these are what brings in the customers and the steady rate of cash flow.

The Internet is the Great Business Equalizer

In today’s economy it seems that big corporations are dominating everything. For example, giant superstores such as Walmart have pushed many smaller stores out of most neighborhoods across the country. This is just one example of something that is happening all around the world in every part of life. However, this isn’t necessarily the case online. In fact, the internet is one of the great business equalizers for us all.

Big business is winning out offline because they have more talent and more resources than the smaller companies. It’s not enough for the large corporations to have a large slice of the pie, they want the entire pie. So, they use all their money and their other resources to overwhelm smaller businesses.

But this isn’t the case online because the internet is the great business equalizer. Sure, big businesses can create great looking sites and they can pay a lot of money to market their sites. But a small company or even a single person can be just as effective with creating sites and marketing them online through internet marketing strategies. In fact, often a single person with knowledge and drive can outperform a large corporation online. The reason is because passion goes a long way on the Internet. And often one person, or a small business, is much more passionate about their business than a large corporation.

What this all means is that the internet offers great opportunity for anyone. Even the small businesses, and the poorest person, can make it online. For large corporations, their vast resources are pretty much rendered useless online. The internet is the great business equalizer and this means that anyone can take on these large corporations and be just as successful or more successful with making money on the internet. As a young business professional you have the world at your fingertips!


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