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The Internet is the Great Business Equalizer

In today’s economy it seems that big corporations are dominating everything. For example, giant superstores such as Walmart have pushed many smaller stores out of most neighborhoods across the country. This is just one example of something that is happening all around the world in every part of life. However, this isn’t necessarily the case online. In fact, the internet is one of the great business equalizers for us all.

Big business is winning out offline because they have more talent and more resources than the smaller companies. It’s not enough for the large corporations to have a large slice of the pie, they want the entire pie. So, they use all their money and their other resources to overwhelm smaller businesses.

But this isn’t the case online because the internet is the great business equalizer. Sure, big businesses can create great looking sites and they can pay a lot of money to market their sites. But a small company or even a single person can be just as effective with creating sites and marketing them online through internet marketing strategies. In fact, often a single person with knowledge and drive can outperform a large corporation online. The reason is because passion goes a long way on the Internet. And often one person, or a small business, is much more passionate about their business than a large corporation.

What this all means is that the internet offers great opportunity for anyone. Even the small businesses, and the poorest person, can make it online. For large corporations, their vast resources are pretty much rendered useless online. The internet is the great business equalizer and this means that anyone can take on these large corporations and be just as successful or more successful with making money on the internet. As a young business professional you have the world at your fingertips!

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