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Why Green is in for Businesses in the Janitorial Services Industry

With the amount of threat the environment is suffering today, people have become conscious with every material that they utilize and dispose; making sure that it will not aggravate the condition which mother nature has now. Due to the rapid onset of environmental concern, even commercial business has joined the bandwagon in the most possible means that they can; commercial cleaning and janitorial services companies are not an exception to this.

Doing away from conventional cleaning chemical agent

Among the most commonly used chemical when it comes to cleaning is the Formaldehyde. This greatly exposes an individual to respiratory problems, allergens and most of all cancer. Another cleaning agent which is toxic is the chlorine. It has been widely used in cleaning all these years; it is somewhat corrosive and can cause certain skin problems. The last one in the list would be Ammonia; this cleaning agent has been around for centuries and has been the main culprit of different respiratory diseases and can severely damage the skin integrity.

What’s harmful to your body can be harmful to the environment too

Substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine are among the health hazardous substances that are widely used by commercial office cleaning services. Aside from its effect to the human body; once its poured down the drain and into the sewers, the toxins from those products will contaminate the water and penetrate the soils. This will creep into the environment and further expose more people and the open environment to these harmful chemicals.

Several cleaning companies today associate themselves with being “green”. Cleaning companies who have gone green making use of products which are non-toxic, saving not just you but also the environment. When you hire ankeny ia janitorial services of QualityOne, you are getting a this quality of safe cleaning!

Non pollutant and allergenic cleaning products

Green commercial cleaning services companies utilize safe and toxin free products in maintaining cleanliness in your office building. This is done by using biodegradable and natural cleaning products. With the utilization of these health friendly products, there will be a lesser incidence of employees getting sick commonly due to respiratory illnesses. The healthier the employees are, the lesser is the rate of absence; increasing productivity the office.

Commonly used eco-friendly equipment are the following:

1) auto-scrubber

There is now a variety of auto scrubber that is being used by green commercial cleaning companies. What is highly used now is the type that does not use much chemical and consumes less water. Aside from that, there are some models that are equipped with monitors; regulating accurately the amount of chemical and water being used when cleaning.

2) ATP tester

This can measure the presence of bacteria by means of determining the adenotriphosphate level of a certain object. This will ensure the there is not a speck of disease causing bacteria present in your workplace.

3) Microfiber cloth

A cleaning cloth made of recycled material which is non-toxic and reusable.

The Gist of Hiring A Green Cleaning Company

Green commercial cleaning companies can contribute greatly to a companies efficiency. Having a clean workplace will make it energy efficient; with this, there will be a significant decline of heating and energy bills, saving the company a handful of money. Aside from that, it will not only maintain an environmental clean and safe environment, but will also contribute wellness to the people in your workplace.

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